The Background Story

One day I discovered that I had lost the entire Tonique Epicure cocktail blog that I had built so diligently over many years. The hosting provider that I was using at the time somehow erased all of my content and after paying them hundreds of dollars to retrieve my backup, they ultimately couldn’t restore it. It was such a let down knowing I had spent thousands of hours of my very limited “free-time” building something that I was so proud of, only to see it gone in an instant. Eventually, I let the domain lapse and it was immediately purchased due to the tens of thousands of views it was getting monthly, only to be converted into a referral landing page. During the pandemic and lockdown in NYC, to my surprise I saw that the domain was once again available! Since the trauma of losing everything was not raw anymore, I decided to reclaim Tonique Epicure! Now I’m on a journey to restore Tonique Epicure to its previous splendour, from scratch.  Hopefully the fans will return. Until then, I’ll be here, hard at work.


Since 2012

Cheers, Amber